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    What makes a barge cruise so special?

    If you want to travel in a way, which is new and different, and which you have never experience before in your life. You will then indeed love a barge cruise. These barge cruises are the thing that does propose a unique and special way to visit France that is away from the main tourist routes. The boat will travel along the French countryside to places that will be new to even the most seasoned of travelers. You, as a traveler, will get to experience lots of historic abbeys and castles. You will gain the opportunity to learn about the regional history and culture that defines France as a country. You will have lots of time to go shopping in market town or to have a drink. You will get to meet lots of interesting people and soak up the color of the land. This is something that will take place not far from your floating home.

    Hotel Barges can do amazing things for travelers. They give a traveler the chance to discover a brand new side to France. What is this new France? The answer is clear. It is a France that is encountered in a leisure and relaxed manner. You get the opportunity to visit many new locations without having to change hotels. You get to watch the world go by and can do it by lounging on deck. You will be sipping a drink at the bar or relaxing quietly in a Jacuzzi on-deck or in a swimming pool.

    What is also great is this. You can enjoy the informal and very high quality service that does live on board. This informal and high quality service will give you lots of personal pleasures. These pleasures can take the form of enjoying French cuisine, which is accompanied by fabulous regional wines, and all this is chosen by a chef that is personally prepared on board ship.

    What is awesome about taking a barge cruise is very clear. Hotel-boat owners spare no expense when it comes to equipping and decorating their vessels for guests to enjoy. They go all out. This is because they want each of their boats to be the very finest of all traveling vessels possible. They do make sure, and also, ensure that each guest is getting every comfort and having a fun time on their vacation. They make a traveling holiday different and memorable beyond memorable. These special hotel-boats are something that only journey at walking pace along the canals. They go about 10 miles only on the rivers too. Why should one be in a hurry when journeying? It should be something that is truly enjoyed and the best way is in a slow kind of way. Do plan on taking a leisure type of cruise and absorb all that you can absorb of France. Digest the true flavors that do make France wonderful beyond wonderful in description.

    What is a French peniche (=barge)? The answer is this. It is a large working barge that is used for one express purpose. This purpose is for the transport of goods on both rivers and canals. A good number of these peniches are something that have been restored, as well as, totally transformed into Hotel-Barges. They now serve as cruise hotel-boats.

    Total comfort on board

    What is great about Hotel Barges is very clear. They offer one first-class, as well as, the most deluxe of all accommodations that are possible for the wonderful waterways that are in France.

    Each description of every barge is something that is provided by the boat owners and will detail the level of comfort that is available for every one of them. We do think that you will be very pleased with how welcoming they are in detail. They have it all. This all includes everything from various ones with colorful soft furnishings, wood paneling that is highly varnished, and special décor that was added to accentuate the character of the vessel itself. There are some cabins that are extremely spacious and luxurious in appearance. All of the cabins do have private bathrooms, portholes or windows that do face outwards, and ample space that does accommodate the long distance traveler in every way. A lot of the barges do also have dining, as well as, bar facilities and open sun decks. There is also lots of good round views to see the wonderful countryside go drifting by.

    We know that you will be very pleased with just how very cozy they are in essence. They have the mark of excellence that is all about them and are the very thing that promotes elegance and recreation in every way. Many of them do have colorful soft furnishings and varnished hardwood paneling. There is also décor that is designed by the barge owners to accentuate the specific character of the vessels themselves. There are some cabins that are very spacious and luxurious. All cabins on board do have private bathrooms. They also have outward facing portholes or windows, and there is more than ample space to accommodate the long distance traveler. A good many of the barge facilities also have dining, as well as, bar facilities and sun decks.

    Boat Activities

    What these different boat companies do is very clear. They do propose a wide variety of relaxing holidays and openly invite travelers to partake in a fun time on board.

    These hotel boats do arrange to have lots of daily activities to explore the nearby region. Traditionally, these canal cruises permit guests to either walk or go bicycling from lock to lock. They are also very free to enjoy the pleasures of the countryside. The canal, as well as, rivers do pass near vineyards and other gastronomic areas. The very same can be said about many towns that were built on the waterway itself. It is loaded with lots of wonderful things to see and do here. Carefully tucked away, as well as, hidden from view are a ruin or chateau. They will be located in some of the most unlikely of all places for them to be. Guests will be able to learn about the people who have lived there previously. They can also learn about the history of the region too.

    Theme Cruises

    What makes these cruises so very special is apparent. They were created with one goal in mind. What is this goal? This goal is to create groups for those who are wishing to share a common interest together. These cruises have already been mentioned in the text and they do include golf, tennis, and bicycling tours. The very same can be said about gastronomic delights, music, opera cruises, and garden tours.

    What can you expect from a Hotel-Barge cruise?

    What is great about hotel-barge cruising is this. It is a means to get a relaxing holiday that is away from the main tourist routes. Your boat will travel slowly through the French countryside. This means going along routes and through places that are new even to the most experienced of all travelers. The visitor will have a chance to experience historic abbeys, fabulous chateaux, and get to learn about the history and the culture of the land. There will be lots of time to go shopping, have a drink in town. and to feel at home meeting local people. You may be asking yourself just who will you be sharing this unique cruise with overall? Hotel-boats are something that can be booked by individuals themselves or by groups that are chartered. The choice of a boat and the price are two things that will ensure you do meet lots of compatible companions to share the experience with. Accommodations for these hotel-barge cruises are for private cabins. These private cabins have twin beds or double beds and there is single cabins. Families and groups of friends can decide to privately charter vessels or individuals can book equally. It is a wonderful thing to share the cruise with other travelers and make new friends. Charter bookings are something that can be made between 4 to 51 guests in number.

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