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    What Is Bicycling Throughout France All About?

    Take the little roads that go winding through the vineyards of Burgundy, France. Go down the marvelous and scenic pastures that are the highlights of Savoie. You will feel totally free while traveling along the roads that are laden with gorse in the Morbihan. As you go cruising at a different speed, touring by bicycle or mountain bike, it will indeed give you an air of immense freedom on any excursions you do make here.

    What is great about bicycling through France while traveling there is this. You don't have to be a biking pro such as those that are in the "Tour de France" to mingle and experience the French countryside in an intimate sort of way. The only thing you do need is a detailed map on hand. It will prove to be the very best thing when you decide to travel up and down in direction with bicycling on hills. These maps will be useful in a major way. You can take a road that borders along a river, if you so desire, to do so. It is wonderful to follow the flow of the river. This travel has the makings for an easy run to remember and enjoy. You can also plan on doing biking on the bank of a canal. There is small "sentiers" that were used in the old days to pull transport barges along by horse.

    Alsace - About Strasbourg Area, Eastern France, Next To German Border

    Alsace is a world all its own. It is all about "La Bicyclette Gourmande"

    There is Exclusive Cycling, in addition to, Walking Vacations in Europe. They have something that is suited for all. You can get to discover France from bicycling or on foot. The traveler can get to enjoy lots of comfort, gourmet food, and fine wine too.

    The best of Alsace is just waiting to be explored, It is a process of discovery that can be done with a guide or without one. You can personally encounter secrets that this fantastic French place does have in essence. You can get to experience local wines. There are three alternatives. What are they? They are:

    *Voyage Gourmet - This is for a group of 5 to 20 people and can last from 3 to 8 days in length

    *Voyage Delicieux - Can last from 3 to 8 days in length and Each Sunday for two people minimum

    *Voyage a la Carte - The length of time is for half a day to a whole day for groups of 10 people or more

    The Address Is: 53, rue de Pfaffenheim, 68420 Gueberschwihr - Telephone Number: +33 3 89 49 28, 67 or Fax Number: +33 3 89 49 27 39.

    Aquitaine - Is All About The Bordeaux Area, Southwestern France

    If would like to discover nature at its very finest, Aquitaine is the place to go to, because it can definitely be found along the coast from north to south. This is the location for a wonderful and unique bicycling path that is 700 km, which converts to 435 miles of nothing but very scenic and picturesque surroundings. These scenic and picturesque surroundings from Bordeaux and Hendaye to the Garonne River and Spanish border. This stretch does cover the entire length of the largest of beaches in all of Europe.

    Discover France Biking has a whole new charmer and it is no other than B & B Biking in the Bordeaux Wine Region.

    The Bordeaux wine region is a place that has long since been known for having some of the finest of all wine around. However, Discover France Biking had indeed come up with a brand new way, in order for a visitor to discover all they can about the wines and the region itself. This tour has a very special wine them about it. It is a self-guided kind of tour that does permit the visitor of varying abilities to discover the warmth of the small villages, as well as, the historic monuments that they will be able to enjoy while spending nights at extraordinary B&B inns. Some of these B&B inns are often old chateaux while others are farm houses that have been fully converted. What is great about the inn atmosphere is very clear. It is something that is very warm and does have the French Table d'Hote tradition. Everyone is able to eat together and it is around tables that are large and lively in description. A lot of the small inn owners are also viticulteurs. They provide tasting, as well as, private instruction where their wines and other famous wines of the region are concerned. This tour is situated in between the Dordogne and Garonne rivers. This all takes place in one of the undiscovered corners of this very popular region.

    The Loire Valley - That Is Southwest of Paris

    The Loire Valley is one of the greatest of all sightseeing places in France. This is because it is literally packed with countless chateaux and monuments. It is also bustling over with lots of lively towns and villages too. It has very diverse rural landscapes, vineyards, forests, and peaceful ponds and rivers. It is definitely an ideal destination for doing sightseeing by bicycle.

    There is a hundred "Velotel" hotels that will gladly share their passion for the thousand and one hidden treasures of the "Land where life is sweet" and for the quiet, shady route of the "Garden of France."

    Poitou-Charentes - Western France

    Univehout the year.

    Provence - Marseilles and Aix-en-Provence Areas, Southeastern France

    The Luberon via bike: Cavaillon-Apt-Forcalquier

    In the heart of Provence, there is the Regional Nature Reserve of the Luberon, there is a cycling itinerary of 100 km crosses. The Luberon is located from east to west. One can go cycling there along roads that are clearly sign posted and that are great for lovely scenery with little traffic in both directions.

    Discover France Biking Adds Provence Cooking Classes

    Discover France Biking has included another amazing facet to its unique bicycle vacations. Cooking classes that are located in the heart of Provence is it. These cooking classes are led by Jean-Marie Carret. Carret is both entertaining and energetic. These cooking classes take place at the beautifully restored Chateau of Vins Sur Caramy, that is in the Var department of Provence, and Jean-Marrie Carret speaks fluent English to all students. Carret has had such famous clients as the actor Sean Connery.

    Rhone-Alps - Lyon and Grenoble Areas, Southeastern France

    Mountain Biking in the Alpes

    Mountain biking that takes place downhill is considered to be a vacation. It is one of the newest of all products that comes directly from Discover France Biking. There is two existing options. One of these options does include the "chic" and "cool" alpine town of Chamonix. The other one is a getaway to the tiny village of Lanslevillard that is close to the Italian border. You can have the choice of either a van ride or gondola ride in the morning before moving on to the trails and other small alpine villages that are part of the itinerary for the day. Both of these tours are guided and do have all that you do need. This even does cover the opportunity to parapente or even climb rock gorges. They are attached to wire cables (via Ferrata).

    Crossing the Ardeche plateau

    There is a week's cycling tour that is over 150 km and is for between 6 to 10 people. This cycling tour goes from St. Agreve to Montselgues. It also includes cycling in between volcanic cones, along forest, and across fields. There is also gites, region dishes, and rural life to be found personally along the scenic trail.

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