City of Paris Fine Art Museum, France

Paris, Île-de-France FR

    City of Paris Fine Art Museum, France

    The City of Paris Fine Art Museum is known as the Le Petit Palais and it is one of the city's most prestigious museums. Paris is known around the globe as an epicenter for the world of art. Millions of people from different countries travel to this city to explore the many museums and architecture that is available within this metropolitan area. The city has a lot to offer in terms of artistic collections and works. Le Petit Palais is just one of many museums that houses some of the most impressive exhibits in all of France.

    Le Petit Palais is located on Avenue Winston-Churchill, 75008 within the city of Paris. Visitors can easily access this museum by traveling to the 8 arrondissement. Ave Winston-Churchill lies between Av Champs-Eleesys and Cours la Reine. This museum is also located minutes away from the Seine River.

    Le Petit Palais is open Tuesday through Sunday from 10am to 6pm and the ticket office closes at 5pm. The museum closed on federal holidays and on Monday's. Sometimes the facility will stay open until 9pm on Fridays for special exhibits. Large parties can book a tour or viewing in advance. People should call the museum's number at + 33 (0)1 53 43 40 00 to find out more information. Patrons to the museum are not charged a fee to view the collections. However, Le Petit typically charges a fee for the temporary exhibits. Fees for exhibits will vary. This museum is handicapped accessible and will accommodate most people with disabilities.

    When visitors arrive they should plan to spend between 2 and 4 hours exploring all of the artwork within the museum. Sometimes, if they move fast enough they can get in and out of the museum within an hour. However, the artwork at Le Petit should be slowly taken in so that it can be thoroughly appreciated. Tours are available and they usually are short in duration; especially if there is a lot groups scheduled on the same day. Tourists should arrive at least half an hour before touring begins.

    The City of Paris Fine Art Museum has different types of collections. Artwork from different eras in France is presented and so is 20th century photography. Different eras such as 17th century Paris and scenes from World War II are showcased. Ancient artifacts from Greece and the Middle East are also on display. Famous artworks such as the Virgin, Involiate Mountain is available for viewing. The collections at Le Petit Palais are extensive and breathtaking. Visitors can also different exhibits when they arrive.

    Exhibits could feature the work of prominent contemporary artists or rare collections that are hardly shown to the public. Artwork within the facility is also studied by historians, archaeologists and art students. Some of the universities within France partner with Le Petit to educate their students about artwork. The museum is normally busy with lots of visitors and activity. Special events are sometimes hosted inside of the museum as well.

    Le Petit also has a restaurant and gift shop. Many people from in and outside of Paris use this museum for lectures and for speaking engagements. There is an auditorium that for theatrical performances, concerts and conferences. Visitors should not forget the other attractions in the area. They can take in these sites before or after visiting the Le Petit museum. The 8th arrondissement attractions includes Gurlein, Au Nein Bleu and Atelier des Chefs which offers some of the best French cuisine in Paris. L’Eclaireur boutiques, Jacquemart-André Museum and Parc Monceau are other places that visitors can see when they are in this area.

    Travelers can easily reach the City of Paris Fine Art Museum by traveling over to the 8th arrondissement. This museum can be reached by car, bus, taxi or by a river taxi from the Seine as well. Tourists sometimes rent a car while in Paris but this is not recommended if a person is not use to driving around in European cities. If a traveler does decide to drive to the museum there is a lot where they can park their vehicle. Driving in France is different than driving within the states. It is best for tourists to have someone transport them from place to place. The City of Paris Fine Art Museum is one of city's best attractions and tourists should make it a point to visit this artistic storehouse once they arrive.

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