Sacred Heart Basilica of Montmartre in Paris, France

Paris, Île-de-France FR

    Sacred Heart Basilica of Montmartre in Paris, France

    Sacred Heart Basilica of Montmartre in Paris, France

    The Sacred Heart Basilica of Montmartre, most known as 'Sacré-Cœur,' is located in Paris. It's a Catholic Church and it's dedicated to the sacred heart of Jesus Christ. It is a very popular tourist attraction and one can't help but see it when in Paris, as it is located at the highest point of the city which is at the summit of the Butte Monmartre.

    Sacre-Coeur is open every day from 8:30 am to 8:00 pm from May to September, and 9:00 am to 5:00 pm from October to April. Entrance to Sacre-Coeur is free to all people, however there are paid tours of Monmartre available but there are no tours of the Basilica because it's a place of prayer. There are Catholic masses held in the church every week, and the church has a large Catholic congregation.

    The Sacred Heart Basilica of Montmartre began construction in the early 1870s and it honors the over fifty-eight thousand men who died in the Franco-Prussian war. The Basilica took several years to build, and was originally built to punish the people of France for losing the war. It is now one of the most beautiful monuments in Paris, and it holds a breath taking mosaic on which is one of the largest in the world. It's Roman-Byzantine architectural style and it's white color are striking.

    The address of the Basilica is 35 rue du Chevalier de la Barre, Paris. A short walk will take you the to famous Moulin Rouge Caberet, well known by many because of the the Broadway play and movie with the same title. There are several other attractions nearby to visit if you plan on touring the area. The Culinary Tours of Paris is a quick walk from the Basilica, which is a wonderful place to taste some local foods and wines. The stunning Musee de Montmartre is another attraction very close by. The Monmartre walking tour includes a tour of several local attractions, and it also includes a visit to the gorgeous Monmartre Cemetery. It's easy to spend a day or more touring the many attractions near The Sacred Heart Basilica.

    Depending on where you're staying, there are several ways to get to Sacre-Coeur. There are two metro stations which are used most to get to Sacré Coeur which are Anvers on line 2 and Abbesses on line 12. Many people will walk from either of those stations up to the funicular which will give you a ride up the hill to the church. If you don't like to walk a lot, take the Metro to the Pigalle stop on Line 6, then change to the Montmartrobus at the south end of Place Pigale. If you love to walk and you're looking for a beautiful stroll for a sight-seeing day, you could go to Lamarck-Caulaincourt, and then head in the direction of Sacre Couer.

    Sacre Coeur has a handicapped (step free) entrance at the back (North side) of the church. There are handicapped bathrooms with hand rails. All parts are handicapped accessible with the exception of the crypt and the dome which have stairs.

    The best times to visit Sacre Coeur is first thing in the morning or late at evening, any day of the week with the exception of Sunday (unless you want to attend mass). The sunset is beautiful, and the mornings are also gorgeous. Be very careful while visiting the Basilica as it's an area known for many thieves and pickpockets which prey on tourists.

    Sacred Heart Basilica of Montmartre in Paris, France is a beautiful land mark and a wonderful place to visit while in Paris. Be sure not to miss it!

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