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    Cruises along the rivers of France, the Mediterranean sea, the Atlantic ocean, and the Pacific ocean

    Cruising in France waterways

    Cruising is a great way to vacation, whether it is an ocean cruise in the Mediterranean, the Caribbean or French Polynesia, or an unusual river or canal cruise through the country side of France.

    Ocean & Mediterranean Cruises
    France's principal ports-of-call: Le Havre, Cherbourg, Rouen/Honfleur, Nantes, La Rochelle, Bordeaux are some stops on the Ocean. Marseille, Nice, Cannes, Ajaccio are famous stops for Mediterranean cruises.

    Famous exotic French destinations include the French West Indies with Martinique, Guadeloupe, St Martin and Tahiti in the Pacific ocean.

    River Cruises
    Besides the well-known ocean cruises which change constantly, France has the advantage of large rivers and cruise companies have developed programs offering a large selection of accommodations in specially built "river-cruise ships", offering another kind of real adventure.

    The most beautiful and relaxing experience in the world is cruising on the Seine from Paris to Normandy, in the Rhône Valley from Lyon to Provence or the Saône river to Burgundy, or on the Rhine from Alsace.

    Canal Cruises
    A large number of historic canals are the place to experience an hotel-barge cruise where food and a relaxing pace of life are the key to discovering the very heart of France.

    Ocean and Mediterranean cruises

    Le Havre, Cherbourg, Rouen/Honfleur, Nantes, La Rochelle, Marcella, Bordeaux, Nice, Cannes, Ajaccio are famous stops for Ocean and Mediterranean cruises.

    Martinique, Guadeloupe and St Martin and Tahiti.

    Mediterranean cruises
    The main navigation companies as well as several cruise-lines, stop in the Côte d'Azur's ports : Nice, Cannes, Villefranche-sur-Mer, and Marseille in Provence.

    The two main cruises ports, Nice-Villefranche and Cannes, are managed by the Chamber of Commerce and welcome 380 stopovers each season, representing 205,000 passengers.

    The ports of Cannes and Villefranche accommodate large-sized ships. Their harbor stations are situated at the heart of town so that passengers may enjoy immediate access to shopping areas and interesting sites.

    The port of Nice accommodates ships up to 180 meters long (590 feet) and is situated in the historic neighborhood of the capital of the Côte d'Azur.
    Each year, the port of the Principality of Monaco welcome 100 stopovers with a total of 25,000 passengers.

    Maritime agents specializing in cruise receptions offer passengers numerous ways of discovering the Côte d'Azur for a full or half day, whether alone or in group excursions.

    Pleasure Craft
    In all, the 35 ports on the Riviera Côte d'Azur offer almost 18,500 mooring places, many of which are reserved for yachtsmen coming to discover the region - with all the necessary services to guarantee a pleasant stay.

    Many chartering possibilities are also available on the spot for those who want to visit the Côte d'Azur/French Riviera by sea: sailboats or motorboats, with the services of a skipper or experienced crews.

    Complementing the tourist structures of the Côte d'Azur/French Riviera, maritime tourism ensures that the region maintains a privileged position as a favored destination.

    River cruises

    Besides the traditional "sea cruises", which are always growing in number and variety, France has also great rivers where "big ship" sailing is a real adventure.

    Taking advantage of France's large rivers, cruise companies have developed programs offering a large selection of accommodations in specially built "river-cruise" ships.

    Cruising on the Seine from Paris to Normandy, through the Rhône Valley from Lyon to Provence, on the Saône river to Burgundy, or on the Rhine from Alsace is a most beautiful and relaxing experience. Expensive? Not at all. Prices are from 350 FF./day per person, all meals included.

    French River Ships:

    MS Normandie, MS Douce France
    Rhône / Saône:
    MS Arlene, MS Camargue, MS Mistral, MS Princesse de Provence, MS Cézanne
    And other boats cruising from Strasbourg to Germany, and Holland
    Croisi-Europe Alsace Croisières (MS Camargue, MS Douce France, etc...)
    12, rue de la Division Leclerc
    67000 Strasbourg
    Tel: + 33 3 88 76 44 44 - Fax: +33 3 88 32 49 96

    Provence Line C (MS Cézanne)
    Immeuble Le Bateau Blanc, Bat. A - Chemin du Paradis
    13500 Martigues
    Tel: +33 4 42 80 00 00 - Fax: +33 4 42 80 07 07

    Route Marine (MS Princesse de Provence)
    11, rue Gentil
    69002 Lyon
    Tel: +33 4 78 39 13 06 - Fax: +33 4 78 28 53 62

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