2 Bedroom
    1 Bathrooms
    5 Guests
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    Renovated barn, loft atmosphere
    This somewhat atypical housing was conducted in an old barn in a loft atmosphere for the lives of rooms on the ground floor and two more traditional large bedrooms upstairs.
    Located close to the painter Paul Cezanne's loved locations , this place is also an ideal base for the discovery of Aix en Provence and the entire Provence region.

    two vehicles can park on the property respecting the spaces provided.

    Also it is possible to get around using the buses "Aix en Bus", 4 lines pass within 200m, relay Parking (Hauts de Brunets) allows you to use these buses even more economical from the 2nd peaple.

    Walkers will be delighted to reach the city center in just over 30min. (2km)

    In addition to its interior space, one room has a terrace on the roofs of a few square meters offering a place of tranquility, the rising sun, with little overlooked. It participate to bring freshness during summer nights. Some even sleep there ...

    A terrace area on ground floor also allows taking meals under the natural shade of a chestnut tree or enjoying the sunshine in the cooler periods.
    The bathroom is small but very functional with a comfortable shower space closed and fully tiled. The toilets are ...read more
    Respect the place, enjoy your stay
    Property Type Single Family Home
    Property Location Ocean Front
    Number of Floors
    Sleeps 5
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    Monthly $294.00
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