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Regions - Western France - Western Loire Valley Region

Le Mans,

    Regions - Western France - Western Loire Valley Region

    Regions à la carte Western France - Western Loire Valley Region

       Western Loire Valley region at a glance


    Major city: Angers, Nantes

    Chateaux and manor houses
    Atlantic coastline, with quaint bays and islands
    Loire river which flows through lush countryside

    This region includes 300 kilometers of Atlantic coastline, long sandy beaches, enchanting bays and little islands like Yeu and Noirmoutier contrasting with the lush, green, countryside through which flows the magnificent Loire River. 

    This part of France has always been popular with kings and nobles, who built their elegant châteaux throughout the region. Many châteaux have been restored and are inhabited by their owners who open them to the public. Other châteaux open their homes and gardens to the production of "Sound and Light" shows. Exploring beyond the busy valley, tourists can drive deeper into a quiet hinterland where châteaux, abbeys and mansions reveal the testimony of a rich past.

    At Le Mans, the annual 24-Hour Car Race attracts visitors from all over the world. Traditional cities such as Angers, Saumur and Nantes provide castles, museums and picturesque winding, narrow streets where vacationers can lose themselves amid provincial markets and busy shops. The Western Loire Valley is also a good place for cycling, hiring house-boats on the Loire tributaries or enjoying a typical candle-lit dinner on a comfortable modern excursion boat.

    Places of interest





    Art town, medieval castle and its tapestries, cathedral, Pince Museum


    15th century castle


    Vendée War Museum

    Le Croisic

    Little fishing-port, Naval Museum


    11th century Royal Abbey


    15th-16th century castle with beautiful furnished apartments

    La Baule

    Lovely beach on the Atlantic

    La Roche-sur-Yon

    Archeological Museum


    Castle, "Douanier Rousseau" Art Gallery, boat trip on the Mayenne

    Le Lude

    Medieval fortress, Sound and Light show

    Le Mans

    Known for its 24-Hour Car Race, Car Museum, old town, cathedral, Tesse Museum

    Le Puy du Fou

    15th-16th century castle, sound and light representations involving over 700 participants

    Les Sables d'Olonne

    Fishing port and seaside resort


    Castle of the Dukes of Brittany, Jules Verne Museum, Naval Museum on the frigate "Maille Breze"


    Linked to the mainland by a 3-mile bridge, Musée du Chateau



    Saint Joachim

    Maison de la Mariée (Bride Museum), "chaumière Brieronne"

    Saint Nazaire

    Espadon Submarine Museum, port view from the panoramic terrace


    13th century castle, Cadre Noir National School of Horse riding, wine cellars, Mushroom Museum




    (Island) - visit on foot or bike, old castle.



    Technical tourism and sports




    Naval construction, gastronomy, wine cellars, the salt road.
    Cycling, sailing, golf, thalassotherapy.







    In the Western Loire region one can sample such specialties as rillettes, andouillettes, tripes, mushrooms and the regional cheeses of Trappiste d'Entrammes and Cremets d'Angers, Petit Sable & Ardoises d'Angers cookies.

    The white and red wines of Anjou and Saumur are of infinite variety. The white wines may be dry or sweet. There are also fruity rosés, both dry and sweet, produced mainly from the Cabernet grape which has given its name to Cabernet d'Anjou and Cabernet de Saumur. Among the whites, Coteaux de Saumur are lighter and drier and preserve their quality well, Coteaux du Layon and Coteaux de l'Aubance, very fine and sweet, are richer and age very well. A large proportion of the production from the Saumur region is made by the Champagne method.

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