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Regions - Southeastern France - Languedoc Roussillon


    Regions - Southeastern France - Languedoc Roussillon

    Regions — Southeastern France – Languedoc Roussillon

    Region at a glance

    Major City: Montpellier, Perpignan, Nîmes, Carcassone

    Gallo Roman history and monuments
    Mediterranean beaches, dry, sunny climate with quaint coastal towns and ports
    Catalonian influence
    Rugged mountains and vineyards
    Ruins of Cathare castles

    A wealth of history lies in the Languedoc-Roussillon region. Roman monuments, Greek ruins, medieval castles and ancient villages are set amidst a patchwork of vineyards, farmlands, mountains and plateaus.

    The walled city of Carcassonne encompasses towers, dungeons, moats and drawbridges and serves as one of the most impressive examples of medieval France. Many of the citadels and fortresses are perched high atop cliffs and rocky mountains. The Chateau de Peyrepertuse provides a breathtaking panoramic view from dizzying heights. Ruins of the former Cathare castles can be seen throughout the region.

    Montpelier is a lively and radiant university town with squares, gardens and majestic mansions. The town of Nîmes is built around a Roman amphitheatre and Perpignan offers the unmistakable characteristics of Catalan.

    Places of interest

    Aigues-Mortes      Medieval city

    Béziers      Wine capital of the region, St. Nazaire cathedral, Canal du Midi

    Carcassonne      Largest medieval walled city in Europe

    Limoux       Medieval town, Notre Dame de Marseilla Basilica, St. Martin church

    Montpellier      Famous for universities, Musée de l'Infanterie, Fabre Museum

    Narbonne       Roman sites, Gothic cathedral

    Nîmes      Oman remains and amphitheatre, Pont du Gard

    Perpignan      Kings Palace

    Pézenas       Molière's home

    Villeneuve-les-Avignon      Royal City of and residence of popes in 14th century

    Technical tourism and sports

    Pottery, Catalan fabrics, Cacharel designer wear, cork

    Barging on Canal du Midi

    Golf, biking, hiking, horseback riding


    Cooking is Provençal, characterized by garlic and olive oil with delicious sausages and smoked hams. The region produces delicious pastries and sweetmeats made from almond paste and flavored with aniseed, pistachio and orange - flower water. Fish is popular along the coast: fish soup bourride in Sète. Wines include the reds of Corbières, Minervois, and the sweet Banyuls and Muscat. 

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